Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update yet again

I don't know how it ends up being so long between postings these days but it happened yet again. So in the last month and a half, we've put in a garden, created our picnic area and pretty much finished creating our backyard oasis! It's been fun, busy but fun. We still have a few finishing touches left to put on and we need to get the stinking rose bush out but all in all, I'm very happy with it. Our front flower bed is also complete now with daffodils and hyacinth and the house looks great. If only we were as excited about getting everything inside looking great... It's definitely not as fun to do that but we'll get there. We are planning on painting the living room and putting up a border but it might be a while before I have pictures of that to put up.

On another note, Ryan's car was graffitied last night while it was parked in his mom's driveway next door. That was awesome. I think there were at least five or six cars on our street that were also hit so it's not like we were targeted or anything which is good. Some gang sign or something.

Ryan and I have ended our two and a half month no mammals diet so we'll be eating those again...that sounds awful doesn't it? It was way too inconvenient, when we went somewhere to visit or certain places out to eat, it's not easy only eating chicken, turkey and fish.

That's about it for now, hopefully I'll have good news next time! Until then.

The eye sore that is our rose bush

Our front flower bed

My garden!! My peas are coming up already

After all our hard work!

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