Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three things you should know about Noah and a few more just for fun

1. While he grabs food with both hands he only puts it in his mouth with his left. If he has food in his right, he transfers it to the left before eating it.
2. He now crawls with his belly off the floor almost exclusively. He surprised us with this new feat on Sunday.
3. He will only sleep in his bed or if he's really desperate, someone's arms. This makes it difficult to travel and plan activities in any given day. We have to get creative sometimes.

When he's really tired, he lays his head on the floor and whimpers a little. If you call him, he sits up and smiles.

He will only sleep with his pacifier and calfie.

He loves to feed himself and gets SO excited when you put cheerios or puffs on his high chair tray.

He can get his toes off the ground while pulling himself up on something, leaving him hanging for a few seconds.

He does NOT like plain baby food chicken. He does ok with chicken, rice and veggies.

He loves to eat what we're eating and gets upset if he can't have it.

The same goes for drinks.

He can now wave "Hi".

We're working on "Bye" but he's a little confused by it.

He guards his kisses like treasure unless they're meant for the wall or a mirror. (Mommy rarely gets them)

He's getting quicker at attacking the dogs. They're getting more wary of him.

He's still the happiest baby you will ever have the joy of knowing. Hands down.
My little glowworm! He put the flashlight in his mouth with it on
Mmmm broccoli!
My angel


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