Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cheer!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as I did! Ryan and I had a lot of fun making breakfast together and playing outside with the dogs. It was quite different than what we're used to but in a good way. We were able to just relax and do things in our own time, we didn't have to wait for anyone or feel rushed, probably the most laid back Christmas I've had since I was a kid. I've decided it's much easier to get cute pictures when you have a third party who can take them. We only have two of us together and they're not that great. Oh well, next time. We'll also be putting more up after we do Christmas with the Callaway's. Hooray.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life as of late

Playing in the snow

Our little Christmas tree!

How does something so beautiful cause so much grief?

Throwing a snowball at Bella. She never saw it coming, poor thing!

The new house, lights and all.

Dreary Mood

I've been in this funk all day long and I hate it. It started when I realized tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I wouldn't be leaving for my mom's as planned. This weather really sucks! I love the snow to look at and play in but when it ruins my Christmas, I want it to go away. I'm super bummed that I won't be seeing my mom until next year and even more unhappy that I've missed my chance to spend Christmas with her for another two years. It will be 2010 before I go home for Christmas again and who knows what complications will arise then. It's just lame. Oh well, positive thoughts right?

Ryan was sustained in sacrament meeting last Sunday to receive the aronic priesthood! If he hadn't had to leave for work right after sacrament he would have actually received it. They're doing it this coming Sunday instead. One more step closer to going to the temple. Which by the way is closed for cleaning during the time we wanted to go! We can't go until after March 10. Total bummer.

I am excited for the new year. It will bring so many amazing changes to our lives and we'll be better people because of them. I look forward to celebrating our first year of marriage! I can't believe it's already been this long. It seems like a couple weeks ago I was bawling as I walked down the aisle and now it's already almost February again. So much has changed and yet, so much is still the same. Crazy how life does that to you.

I'll get some pictures up of life as of late.

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