Tuesday, December 15, 2009

29 weeks! (almost)

Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks! That means only 11 more to go before my little boy makes his debut in this world! I can't wait! I had my appointment today and am VERY happy to report I passed my gestational diabetes screening test! The cut off for blood/glucose levels is 140, I barely slid in there with a 137. He said since I'm young and healthy, he'll give me a pass and just watch my growth very closely. If I were older or had a history, he would have made me do the 3 hour test anyway. Woo Hoo!

Noah's heartbeat was strong and right where it should be. He was very cooperative and came to the Dr when he put the Doppler on my belly so the Dr didn't have to go looking for him. I also found out today I have to start doing kick counts. Every day, twice a day for one hour I have to count his movements. If I get 10 in one hour, we're doing great! I think we won't have any problems, I get 10 in 5 min some days.

I was commended for doing my prenatal water aerobics and told that it is probably 6 times better for me than anything else I could possibly be doing.

I noticed about a week ago that I've got a varicose vein popping up in my right leg and I was very unhappy about it. Luckily they tend to go away after delivery and I was told to always put my feet up when I sit down (like I needed another excuse for that!) and eat LOTS of protein. I'm doing my best to at least minimize it's appearance anyway.

I'm still feeling great, however the little bit of extra energy I felt in the second trimester is slowly dying away now that I'm in the third. I'm back to going to bed by 9 or 10, only now it's impossible to get comfortable while I sleep so I'm not even getting out of bed early. I feel exhausted when I wake up from all the tossing and turning I'm doing. Sigh. Pregnant life is much harder than I imagined. People tried to warn me but I didn't listen. Of course I would do it all over again but I no longer think it's a cake walk. :-)

Abra is throwing me a baby shower and it's just around the corner (Jan 9th)! I can hardly wait for that! We have a tour of the birth center coming up on Jan 5th and we start our childbirth education class on Jan 14th! So much to look forward to. My next appointment is Jan 12th and after that I start going every two weeks. It's coming so fast I feel like I hardly have time to breathe anymore. We also have all our appointments scheduled through the end of February. I was going to go ahead and do the last one on March 2nd but she didn't have March open for scheduling yet so I'll have to wait. As it stands I have the "last one" on February 23! 8 days before he's due. Anyway, I'm going to go put my feet up as the Dr ordered! ;-)


Monday, December 14, 2009

Just pictures

Some have called for more pictures so here they are. Anything recent and not so recent that I think you might enjoy. A side note, I should be posting an update tomorrow after my Dr appointment. I took the gestational diabetes screening test on Friday so the results should be in when I go tomorrow. Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted.

I was about 12 weeks with Tasha at 38 weeks?I don't remember exactly

Cowgirl for Halloween 22 weeks 3 days

24 weeks 5 days

27 weeks 6days

19 weeks 6 days

Most recent additions to Noah's room

Sign I made when I knew it was a boy

Some cute new things I received in an online gift exchange.

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