Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday time!

So I just celebrated my 23rd birthday last Tuesday and I wanted to put up some pictures! It was such a wonderful day. I worked which wasn't the best but what can you do? I came home to Ryan making dinner and a table full of presents. Every girls dream! He even baked me a cake although he wouldn't let me take a picture because he thought it looked bad (it didn't) but oh well. I was ridiculously happy with my day over all. So without further ado, here are the pictures of my presents. Hurray!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time how it moves along

It started snowing the morning we were leaving!

Enjoying our cake

On the balcony of our hotel room.

I've been feeling a little sick for the last couple weeks and blame that for the lack of updates. I'm doing a little better today so I've come armed with photos and updates!

Ryan and I celebrated our first anniversary by driving to Leavenworth for the weekend. We went Valentine's weekend so it was a little early but still wonderful. We drove up Saturday, walked around town for the day and then went to a hotel in Wenatchee for the night. It was awesome just getting away without the dogs and being able to enjoy each others company. Maria was in town so she took the dogs for us and I can't thank her enough.

The night of our official anniversary, we went to dinner at a little Italian restaurant called Casa Mia. I loved the atmosphere there, it was quiet and romantic but still a place you could take the kids. We had our cake after we got back and then spent a quiet night in. It was a wonderful celebration.

On Thursday Bella was spayed! She's still recovering so she's quite mellow and a little out of it but she's doing great. Maggie has been much better about playing with both Bella and Tube now and it makes me happy to see them all together.

Enjoy the photos!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome little one

This is Maggie. Maggie is a three year old Cocker Spaniel who came to us from a shelter. She's still trying to adjust to life with Bella in a new home but I think she'll fit in well. She's a very sweet little girl who loves to play ball. Maggie had some mats when we got her so we had to get her shaved pretty short to get rid of them. We don't plan on keeping the coat so short in the future. She's very mellow and loves to please. We just love her to death so far and hope she adjusts well. She's the perfect little addition to our family.

Ta Blut said his first words to me the other day. He came up to me and said, "Hey teacher"! He needed to use the bathroom but I was still proud. I was still hoping for truck but what can you do?

I'm so excited for this month! Valentine's Day, Tube's birthday, Amanda's birthday, our first anniversary, my birthday, my mom's anniversary, Ryan's mom's anniversary. The list is quite long! The most fun will be Valentine's day simply because I can celebrate it with the kids and they're so excited to give out valentines. It'll be a lot of fun. It's a good month. PLUS! We get to file our taxes which means money back! Hurray for that. I love this time of year. Spring is just around the corner which will have to be another topic for another day. Until next time...

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