Monday, January 10, 2011

New year, new skills, new experiences!

Oh my goodness! Where do I even begin?! I feel like Noah is a completely different baby from the last time I posted. He's learning SO MUCH! He recognizes words, says a couple, attempts to say even more, walks all over the place, crawls faster than you would believe, and still is the sweetest happiest little boy around!

Words he recognizes: He knows what bite and bath are, he knows Tubie, dog, cat, outside, daddy, mommy, we're working on bed, Maggie, and inside.

He tries to say: Cat (CA), outside (IDA), did it (ADAT), moo (which comes out mmmmm), dog (GOG or sometimes just GA), and more (MA).

He says: A-DA (for daddy) and ma-ma (this he only ever says when he wants mommy so I know he knows what it means) A-DA is how he distinguishes ADAT (did it) from Daddy.

He also does the usual baby babble which consists of DA DA DA DA and a bunch of other ones I can't think of right now.

I've started watching Rhys now and it's going pretty well so far. Except for the biting incident they have been getting along great. I still have Lillie Bell as well and she's doing pretty good too.

We're pretty stinkin' excited for Noah's birthday which is right around the corner! I've picked a theme so now it's just getting things together and planning activities. We're having so much fun with it!

Well, I've got two little boys who just woke up so I better go play. Until next month!

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