Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The final week!

So tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant and I will turn 24. I have somewhat forgotten about my own birthday in all the excitement about when Noah will come. I don't know if that's good or bad but I'm betting it's pretty typical for a parent to do. At this point I don't know if it would be easier to just wait the 8 days until my scheduled induction or keep trying and hoping to get him here earlier. I mean it's already been 39 weeks, what's one more you know? It would definitely be more convenient to just wait until I go in to the hospital. No second guessing myself about contractions, no wondering if my water broke or I just peed my pants. I just go in and they hook me up to some drugs and 6-36 hours later, Noah is born. All my family would have plenty of warning and ample time to get here. I would be able to know for certain what my last day at work will be. It would all just be easier. However it's still eight days away and until then, nothing is certain. I will still be constantly second guessing myself about contractions, wondering if my water will break while I am in the middle of something, I will not know if my mom will have time to drive over from Idaho before he's born should I go into labor on my own.

Good grief, it's almost enough for me to say: "No more! I won't have any more kids if this is what it's like every time." People keep telling me however that I only get to that point because I have never experienced what comes next. The love of a child and the amazing joy they bring into your life. It must be worth it or everyone would be an only child right?

So I am no closer to deciding what I would rather have happen. Not that it really matters what I want anyway so what's the point...?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

37 Weeks today!

Only three more weeks left until Noah's estimated date of arrival! I am SO excited. I'm also finding it very hard to wait for labor to just happen on it's own. How will I know when it's the real deal? Will my water break or will I just have contractions for hours until they become regular? Will it be the middle of the night, the afternoon or maybe first thing in the morning? Will he be early or late? Or right on time? These are only some of the questions that plague me right now, as I'm sure any expectant mother will tell you. I hate the not knowing of it all. I'm trying to convince myself that he won't come until after his due date so then if that's the case, I'm not highly disappointed when March 3rd comes and goes with no signs of baby. It's not easy to convince myself of this however and I'm constantly talking to Noah telling him now would be a good time for me.

It's a relief now that we're in the safe zone and so it's even harder to not want him to come early since I know he'd probably be perfectly healthy if he were born now. We went this morning to the state patrol office to have the car seat installation inspection. We passed with flying colors! The gal said in four years of doing that she had only ever had two people before me install the car seat perfectly on their own the first time. I was very proud of myself. So now it's just killing time with doctor appointments and water aerobics. At least I'm now on the weekly cycle for visits to the Dr so I get an update every week until he comes.

Speaking of updates, I went yesterday to my appointment and we also got an ultra sound. We got to see a picture of him in 3d but they didn't print it out. She showed us his face but only his eye and cheek were visible, he had both hands up in front of his face in fists so it blocked the rest. Noah is head down, weighing in at an estimated 6 pounds 15 ounces. I am 1-2 cm dilated and 50% plus effaced. So we're getting closer!! At this point there is no talk of inducing me early or otherwise, I think they just want to see what happens as it gets closer to D Day.

My mom is coming up this Sunday to spend some time with us and stay until Noah comes and I'm looking forward to getting to see her again so soon. I'm glad she'll be able to be here for the birth. If he comes before then, she'll drive over when we know he's coming and we'll just hope she makes it in time.

I'm still working and plan to up until I go into labor. I'm only going to be able to take six weeks off when he's born and I don't want to waste them sitting at home with nothing to do and no baby. So that's the plan for now. If I make it to the next appointment I'll probably post another update but we'll see. You might just be hearing from me after he's born!

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