Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three months in a row!

I'm so happy I'm being consistent! Let's see, what should you know this time?

Noah is walking! He's been taking steps since November 20th but on Dec 1st he started taking 8-10 at a time and staying up afterward. Right now he kind of picks and chooses when to walk since crawling is still faster for him but he can cover pretty good distances on his feet! It's awesome.

Noah doesn't really dig the Christmas tree. He keeps walking over to it, then falling face first into the branches and he ends up with a face full of pine needles. So at least it's keeping him away from it for the most part. I can't complain, but I feel so bad for him.

He loves his stocking. It's a penguin and it has a little bell on it and he goes over to it and rings it every day. It's super cute.

Noah says Dada but not Mama. If you ask where Dada is, he looks for Ryan until he finds him. This is super sad if you ask while Ry isn't home. Noah keeps looking for quite a while with no luck. If you ask where Mama is, he purposely looks everywhere but at me. It's like he thinks it a game. I don't like it very much...

He has realized that chasing is a game and he loves to be chased around the house. He's QUICK too!

Noah will pretty much only eat something if he can do it himself now. This is VERY annoying but what am I supposed to do? When I try just putting a bite in his mouth, I'm not even kidding, he takes it out with his hands and puts it back in himself. He's such an independent little boy. It's a good thing I love him so much. :)

He loves to be naked. He hates getting his diaper changed. He loves bath time and bed time. He loves his Mommy and especially his Daddy. I thought that would make me unhappy but it doesn't. It warms my heart when he reaches for Ry even if I'm holding him.

I'm the luckiest wife and Mommy in the whole world.

P.S. In January I'll be watching another little boy three days a week. He's a month older than Noah and his name is Rhys (pronounced Reece). It should be fun! Hopefully...

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