Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16 weeks on the 16th!

I'm 16 weeks today! I've had quite an unnerving experience these last few days. My Dr appt was supposed to be next week but they called me in early because they didn't like the symptoms I was having. He says nothing to worry about so I guess I'll trust him, in a few days I should get the results back from the test and know for sure what it was. We shall see...I won't get into too much detail, I'm sure it's nothing you want to read about anyway.

So after that whole shebang we were able to nail down an appt time for our big ultra sound! We will hopefully be finding out the gender of Baby Sams on Wednesday, October 14Th at 8 am!!!! We cannot wait! It's driving me crazy just knowing I still have four weeks. Luckily for me time seems to be flying lately. It seems like yesterday I was in awe that I was 12 weeks along and now it's already been 4!

On another note, I've talked to my boss about the possibility of me working part time through March! She seems to be OK with it for now, our numbers are down quite a bit so she's overpaying for staff right now anyway. I'm just so worn out by the end of the day that I don't have the energy to do anything at home. The house doesn't get clean, meals don't get cooked, it's not pretty. Ryan does do A LOT to help out mind you but then I feel guilty that he's always doing everything. So I'm hoping this would solve much of our problem! I should find out here pretty soon if it'll work for sure. She also said it might only be temporary until enrollment goes up again. I told her I'd be willing to talk about it more at that time. I'm hoping it'll stay slow until spring. I need my rest and I would love the extra time to get EVERYTHING ready for Baby Sams! Here are some recent and not so recent pictures that I've failed to put up before now...slacking again I know.


Temple trip
15w 6d preggers!
Our growing collection of Willow Tree
We put up a shelf!

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