Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slacker part 2

I'm WAY late getting this up! So sorry. And for some reason I can't get the pictures in the order I want. Oh well!

Noah is 1! Holy happiness I can't believe it's been that long! Sometimes it seems like I'm still pregnant. But alas, he's here and happy, healthy and ACTIVE! Man can that boy MOVE! He runs around me all day long laughing and playing. He's taken to screaming lately. It's a manly scream mind you, very guttural and grunt like, but a scream nonetheless. He thinks SO many things are funny. Like ripping paper towels apart (while grunting of course), human bowling, chasing Rhys, the dogs chasing the ball, and various other random things. He is like his mommy, when he gets tired things become HYSTERICAL! He will laugh at something for two or three minutes, getting louder and breathing less in between each time. It's really funny to watch.

He practically runs everywhere now. He says more and more words (read sounds) every day. Nuh-Nuh is no no and that's his favorite at the moment. He's a master at giving kisses, high fives and we're even learning to shake hands. Noah LOVES to read books. He will get up from nap, I'll put him down to play and he proceeds to take every book off the shelf and look through them all. He reads one, puts it down and takes another off the shelf until he's read them all. It makes for a messy afternoon but I don't mind.

He loves to eat peanut butter. In any form, on anything, he can't get enough of it. He loves vegetables and fruits. Doesn't care too much for meat right now. Certain noodles, cheese, crackers, yogurt, and of course anything we're eating he loves. He also loves milk. He would drink it all day if I let him. If I get a cup down from the cupboard he starts yelling and grunting at me until he gets it full of milk. Then he drinks, with it running down his chin, and walks around the house clutching his cup, looking like he's been drinking something much stronger. He's very prone to milk drunkenness. :) He also gets quite a shock and gives me a dirty look if I put water in his cup instead. He still drinks it and enjoys it, but he would rather have milk. Crazy little boy.

We celebrated his birthday with two parties. One with family and the other with friends. I'll add some pictures from both. It was a learning experience. While I'm very happy with the way they both turned out and I loved sharing his day with everyone, I will not be doing a party that size again. What a crazy idea I had!

I'm sure there are things I wanted to say that I'm forgetting but they will have to wait until next time. We miss you and love you all! Can't wait to see the Provenzano side in three weeks!


Cake number 2

Cake number 1

Dr Seuss cake with red fish on the side

Dr. Seuss party theme

Monday, January 10, 2011

New year, new skills, new experiences!

Oh my goodness! Where do I even begin?! I feel like Noah is a completely different baby from the last time I posted. He's learning SO MUCH! He recognizes words, says a couple, attempts to say even more, walks all over the place, crawls faster than you would believe, and still is the sweetest happiest little boy around!

Words he recognizes: He knows what bite and bath are, he knows Tubie, dog, cat, outside, daddy, mommy, we're working on bed, Maggie, and inside.

He tries to say: Cat (CA), outside (IDA), did it (ADAT), moo (which comes out mmmmm), dog (GOG or sometimes just GA), and more (MA).

He says: A-DA (for daddy) and ma-ma (this he only ever says when he wants mommy so I know he knows what it means) A-DA is how he distinguishes ADAT (did it) from Daddy.

He also does the usual baby babble which consists of DA DA DA DA and a bunch of other ones I can't think of right now.

I've started watching Rhys now and it's going pretty well so far. Except for the biting incident they have been getting along great. I still have Lillie Bell as well and she's doing pretty good too.

We're pretty stinkin' excited for Noah's birthday which is right around the corner! I've picked a theme so now it's just getting things together and planning activities. We're having so much fun with it!

Well, I've got two little boys who just woke up so I better go play. Until next month!

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