Saturday, September 8, 2012

Growing and GROWING

Noah is officially two and a half! It's so crazy to think about that! He has been wearing undies for over a month now and it's so exciting!! He does really well with pee, minimal accidents. Poop is another story entirely! He did really good with it for about three days. Telling me when he had to go before he went in his undies, then he started going in his pants and telling me after. Now we're in a weird spot where he goes in the morning right after he wakes up. So it's in the pull-up at least but the toilet would be more preferable... Tonight he started asking to go by himself, didn't even want me in the bathroom with him. Bitter-sweet moment for me.  :-) We've started looking into preschool and think we may have found a winner but he can't start until January/February. It's a pretty exciting time at our house!

Teagan just turned 6 months on Tuesday, I found him sitting up completely in his crib the other day. And now he's mastered going from laying down to sitting up. It's so cute how he does it, he'll get up on his hands and knees and then up onto his hands and toes, he kind of walks his hands back at that point until gravity takes over and he lands on his bum.  :-) He smiles all the time! He's getting so big! He still doesn't have as much hair as Noah did by this age but he's just so stinkin cute! He definitely looks like he might get a little bit darker hair than Noah has too but only time will tell. He's got some mini dimples going on which just adds to the cuteness. We're trying to transition from bottle to sippy cup right now, I hear the earlier you do it, the easier it is. If anyone has any good transition cup recommendations I'd love to hear them, so far I haven't found any that work.

Is nap time and I've got to get some stuff done today so that's all for now. We love and miss you all.


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