Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Well that was unexpected

***Some of you might find this to be too intimate for your liking. Especially if we don't know each other well***

I went in for my pre-op appointment this evening expecting a run down of how the surgery would go and a chance to ask some of my many questions. Instead it went more like this: Dr comes in and says, the notes from JT (the PA I saw last who ordered an ultrasound when she couldn't find my IUD strings) were a little confusing, she said the strings were too long. I say, that's not at all what she told me, she said she couldn't find them. Dr then asks if he can do an examination to check for himself. I agree and low and behold he finds my IUD strings, right where they should be. He even has the nurse look to verify that he's not seeing things. Sure enough, strings! But, the CT still shows my IUD is not exactly where it should be. So now where do we go from here? At this point I don't even know. Dr is calling my insurance company tomorrow to see if he can get authorization to perform an in-office histeroscopy to actually visualize if the IUD has moved or if somehow the CT was wrong. If he can't get authorization I will most likely go in for surgery on Friday as planned and he will perform the histeroscopy before he does anything else. He says it's great news and greatly improves the chances of being able to remove the IUD (if it is indeed perforated) without having to make any incisions. So, I left my pre-op with even more unanswered questions but also some hope. Thanks for the prayers!! I'll keep
updating as I get more info. 

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